Thursday, 28 March 2013

Do You Hear the Creaking of the Tectonic Movements Within the Planetary Organism?

What we are now experiencing on Earth is a fundamental core transformation, the cogs of history are grinding, slow deep profound enduring changes are taking place within the Planetary Organism. This evolutionary process affects every aspect of life.

We can just take shelter and wait. 

Many people are retreating.

Or we can directly connect to the vital force that is underneath this never seen before planetary scale of change. How do we as sovereign souls do this, how can we, as mere individuals come into alignment with the creaking shifting tectonic movements of the environment of consciousness in this epoch unfolding drama?

The Answer is…only through holding our attention, our focus on building, securing, incrementally walking forward slowly, patiently through daily practice and navigation of the contextual frequencies.

A chasm exits between the internet and the real world experience, will you traverse that gap, will you convert and translate the inspiration from the virtual world into your direct experience?

The informational flow of the internet is a wonderful tool, but it is distracting a lot of people from getting on with sculpting the energy that is required, based on plugging into the enormous influx of cosmic energy that is actually available and at hand.

Now more than ever we are to call upon guidance, protection and healing to utilize the age old protocols of spiritual practice whilst tuning into the unique complex array of the frequencies of the present era.

Join me this April in a warm home with a small warming group of people who want to get on with this enjoyable and satisfying task of development.

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