Thursday, 17 November 2011

After 11-11-11

The result of the 11-11-11 feels to me as if there has been an increased malleability, flux and responsiveness of the fabric of reality to our will. I think it feels like the responsibility to call upon light and spirit to situations has markedly increased.

After 11-11-11, there is an increase in the efficaciousness of calling in the light to any situation. This is not just new-age nonsense. If you read such work as The Body Electric by Dr Robert Becker or the research on Chakra-body interconnection by Dr. Serena Roney-Dougal, Dr Popp on Biophotons and many other real empirical researchers you recognize that the deeper structure of the body is light. The body chemistry is really electro chemical this integrates the nervous system and endocrine system and takes you beyond the limitations of mainstream physiology. After this it is a small step to see the basic structure of our body is a body of light

" Cells are known to emit light, there is abundant historical reference to our spiritual nature being associated with light, and there are physiological structures and functions in the brain that could organize endogenous light into resonant interference patterns. Since interference patterns can themselves interfere with one another, endogenous light in the brain may produce a nexus through which a tiny portion of a broader substrate of interfering light in its own frame of reference (aka God) is enabled to experience an individualized consciousness. These mechanisms are consistent with a holographic model of the universe and some spiritually oriented views about the paradoxical unity of individual consciousness with God-consciousness" from here

Watch the Film Thrive

My axiom is that life is an enchantment; comprised of a hierarchy of enchantments, (developmental psychology and developmental stages of culture) An Enchantment is a self perpetuating reality. However the important point I want to impress you with at this juncture is that each enchantment, each psychic and psychological landscape we inhabit has a shape to it, the toroid, (think of the Ouroboris) or the torus, this the shape of the energy field, of all realities. A few years ago I realised this and wondered why nobody else had. Of course once I looked around, it became abundantly clear that hundreds of independent researchers had came to the same conclusion, what is more the information is encoded in ancient archaeology. The planetary scale of consciousness (Chiron Enchantment) is the level of development where we experience the toroidal flow of consciousness. We our evolving towards this scale of reality

The film Thrive starts by talking about the essential truth of the torus and for me this was the most exciting aspect to the film. The film further goes onto outline the shadow of our world reasonably extensively it is the best integrated view of our reality available at present in a film format.

I will be going to see The Immortals next week another film released on the 11-11-11.

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