Saturday, 9 November 2013

2012 Effect The Unfolding Continues...a quick note

As I continue to log the energies of the 2012 effect--which encompasses the Uranus/Pluto square and the more recent Eclispe--I note that the fireballs, meteoroids and similar from space are continuing to be seen throughout the world. 

More dramatically The Nibiru, planet X, Hercolubus, Wormwood rumours are as strong as ever. We do know that there is something large out there in the Solar System and it will be coming closer, Since the 1990s I have expected a major astronomical discovery (within our Solar System) to be announced in the year 2012. 

During the mid 1990s astronomers realized that companion stars, specifically Brown Dwarfs are ubiquitous and the chance of our Solar System having a ‘failed star’ companion is statistically high. Mike Brown a key astronomer, has said that the perturbations in the outer planets and especially Sedna’s orbit would only really make sense if there is a Jupiter size, or much larger object out there, towards the Oort Cloud. I suspect that a significant size object was most definitely confirmed by W.I.S.E and the results are being covered up or just being processed. The astronomical observation station at the South Pole is said to be tracking an object that can only be seen from its perspective, in other words it is orbiting at something approaching a 90 degree  tilt to the ecliptic. 

I do not feel this is a doomsday scenario, but an awakener to the cosmic reality of our existence. It maybe that if we have a Brown Dwarf with its own mini ‘solar system’ coming this way, that we get a future date, decades or even a century away, that suggests catastrophe, enough time for a major shift in consciousness, and therefore planetary energy transformation that can change the potential.

What about Ison? Is it connected to the large mystery object? What is Ison? 

Questions, questions, question...we will have to see, but one thing is for sure, people are waking up to the fact that we live on a planet connected to the cosmos, this is an important aspect of the 2012 effect. 

The 2012 effect is gleaned from the Maya Long Count Calendar which measures Earth's relationship with the Galaxy. The imperative is to expand our consciousness, which means expanding our vision regarding the spatial and temporal frame that we inhabit, expanding our awareness of the scale of time and space, towards the Planetary scale. A part of this includes liberating ourselves from what must now be seen as the ridiculous scale of recorded history attributed to our culture, the idea that civilized culture is only a few thousand years ago.

I am now convinced that the Bosnian Pyramid, is real, after seeing some documentaries that are filmed on site.  This article is possibly one of the better ones.

In the sociological realm, I suggest that these two links below summarize the global situation quite nicely, obviously the global dynamics are extremely complex, but for a quick snapshot they do suffice.

Russell Brands evaluation of his recent impact seems to measured and open.

As I said to Paxman at the time "I can't conjure up a global Utopia right now in this hotel room". Obviously that's not my job and it doesn't need to be, we have brilliant thinkers and organisations and no one needs to cook up an egalitarian Shangri-La on their todd; we can all do it together.

And on the financial level to understand the changes that are taking place behind the veil of mainstream media, you could do a lot worse that watch the first half of this Max Keiser Report, just 10 minutes long. The implosion of USA, its economy and its legal structure, government etc, is inevitable but the exact manner of this implosion and its global impact depends upon so many factors. As we are in a flux energy state, human consciousness is directly involved in the manifest details. To hold a vision of largely benevolent change, is an intelligent position to have.

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