Monday, 11 November 2013

2012 Effect Continued and the Eclipse Effect

The horrific storm that hit the Philippines followed a few days after the Uranus square Pluto and the Eclipse. I was hoping that the storm would dissipate, like the three huge cyclones we have seen recently.
The poor Philippines, it is very hard to connect to the scale of this disaster with so many people dead. I feel somewhat at a loss for words...

Here is just a quick sample of some the other 2012 era artifacts to consider

The Sun rose early in Greenland, again, yes it did this last year actually and it really suggests that there may be a change in our planetary alignment, if this is true, then this information is being suppressed. I take the Daily Mail story with a pinch of salt.

'Weird' OBJECT, PROPELLED by its OWN JETS, spotted beyond Mars orbit by Hubble ?







Ison was discovered 21 September 2012, exactly three months before the Winter Solstice (remember Solar Flares in same month that are believed to have led to the temporary third Van Allen Radiation Belt discovered in February). Ison will be closest to us around and just after this years Winter Solstice which is at 17.11 GMT (the 11 again? last year it was 11:11GMT).  The discovery chart (thanks to Jamie Partridge) for Ison shows Sun at 28 Virgo, conjunct CZ118 at 3 Libra (CZ118 is a special object that links in with changes to the planetary template. Mercury was at 7.05 Libra in exact aspect with Uranus at 6.52 Aries and Pluto 6.57 Aries. In other words this comet is very significant in terms of the 2012 effect and the sub text of the Uranus square Pluto. Mercury being the messenger as well, what is Ison delivering?

The Sabian Symbol is a blazing fireplace in a deserted home almost cozy, except we get the message that we should have a guard around the fire, this needs some containment. Protection? Maybe we are being asked not to leave things to their affairs, but to be consciously involved. A fire in the home, re;presents the hearth, the centre...

We will be receiving the burnout of this comet as it passes us, so it is worth tuning into Ison...I will report more as the time comes.

Fireballs still being reported globally...

REMEMBER The Planetary energy field is in a flux state due to the 2012 influx, consciousness is the key, our consciousness changes the outcome, by recognizing that we are in the midst of a planetary change we facilitate the evolutionary imperative of our species to change. Hold a bigger vision and connect, be autonomous and recognize that you do make a difference.

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