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Understand Your Life from Your Soul’s Perspective and then be Creative with Your Life as it Unfolds...

...this is the intention with the work I do for individuals.

The Big Cats have a shamanic resonance with our sovereign nature, will you let your free, fearless and regal self out into the world?

I use a combination of astrology, psychology and shamanism in tandem with my developmental model of human progress (The Enchantments of Life). When I work with a client I call upon the spirits that guide me to contact the spirits that guide the client, so that we can establish a higher level of relationship. 

I do consultations rather than readings, this means that the sessions are very interactive as I honour the fact that the individual has power over their life. Within the psyche of every person lies the truth that they need, as well as; the white noise of doubt and information, emotional energy that is absorbed from the world that does not serve their life and momentary excitement that will fade quickly.

Everyone will speak their own words of power if given the right space, I create that space and mirror those words of power back to you, if you were the client. So although I do make some judgements on your behalf, I emphasize that the inherent wisdom you are already have is the most powerful. No matter how charismatic or seductive any healer, therapist or astrologer is their magic on your life will not last as long as the magic you own. This is your sovereign power.

Understand Your Life from Your Soul’s Perspective and then be Creative with Your Life as it Unfolds

Having a one off reading has very limited value and many people can get stuck in a pattern of going from reading to therapy to shamanic session and so on, without recognizing or connecting to the essential sovereignty and authority within, that individuals have over their own lives.
We all need other people, we all need guidance and help, but there is an essential subtle sovereignty of the soul, that you need to evoke.

Doing two years with a counselor can lead to a co-dependent relationship that actually can reinforce some deep problems and victim mentality, rather than encouraging the creative adaptive approach to what is the adventure of life.

We never get rid of our complexes, this is one of the great misnomers, our past is part of the kaleidoscope of our character, what we can do is understand the programs and patterns we have and through acceptance and awareness we can express more of our self and gain some transcendence rather than being stuck in our small compartments of self, that live within the multi-leveled psyche.

Life coaching has its place, it can be very effective for short term success but all too often that is based on externals, unbalanced positivity and unsustainable ‘fixing’ of problems or relatively easy short term solutions and often has a materialistic personality bias. This is fine, but many people need something more integrated to suit the human condition in these transitory times. 

I have developed a new approach over the last 20 years that allows for the organic emergence of awareness from within you whilst you learn to creatively engage with the external reality and adjusting internal consciousness through the feedback mechanism of life.

Instead of a one of session or an unending habitual program I have found that a six-eight session process can give one the time to make real sustainable changes and most importantly give you, the client some tools that you can use for your life. It is economically more efficient, it is satisfying and empowering.

I look at life purpose, the past and the present whilst listening attentively to the clients own experience and perception, it can be thought of as a negotiation, life itself is a constant negotiation. This is the creative nature of existence based on the feedback mechanism between the internal and external reality and the constant unfolding energy that powers life itself.

I give the client exercises to do on their own, utilize intentions and recapitulation of the past where appropriate.

If you have already done some journeying through the spiritual hypermarket and feel a real need to make a deeper connection to life and take spiritual responsibility for that which you can be responsible for, then email me and tell me a little bit about yourself and I will design  a program for you.

If you desire to feel connected to yourself and accept that life is more like a creative flow, a river that we are navigating, an adventure that we have chosen to undertake rather than a problem to be fixed then let me help you.

I have 22 years experience of working with people on this level.

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