Monday, 23 September 2013

The World’s Biggest Storm--Effects Contained

I am not just talking about Usagi. Usagi, meaning Rabbit, was the hurricane that was heading straight for Hong Kong that miraculously softened at the last moment. It still caused plenty of Typhoon chaos, but it certainly was not the disaster it could have been. 

The title of this blog is a also metaphor for the flux state I talk about that is congruent with the 2012 effect.

The typhoon took us through the Western Gate--the Autumn Equinox--which is the portal of the last quarter of the Solar year, its effects are symbolic. 

The Worlds storm threats are WW3 and Economic Meltdown, as have we have see recently the disaster that was Syria seems to have been averted. 

The USA’s position  as the dominant nation is rapidly decaying, there can be no doubt about that now, but simultaneously a self organizing global consciousness is emerging albeit slowly.

We are being kept on alert, the positive consciousness that is inherent within our global village is containing the storms, yet there is no comfort, no easy relaxation.

The new terrain requires attentive, responsive adaptability, a continual process of re-grasping our centre.

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