Sunday, 10 February 2013

Chinese New Year Today

My First Impressions of Water Snake

Today is Chinese New Years day. The Chinese New Year is based on the lunar cycle within the context of the Solar Year, it is rooted in a connection to the past, the ancestors, the family and the basic Yin/Yang perspective of good, bad, good fortune, bad fortune.

Dragon is the first of the 12 animals and has a correspondence with the Aries Zodiac signs as the initiator of the Chinese circle of Animals. The 2012 Water Dragon year represented a powerful surge of flow coming into the planet, the cosmic influx, as I have been explaining it. Dragon is an Earth sign, so the 2012 element of water added to Dragon equated to the storage of water, which is the cosmic high energy influx being stored and building up. Dragon is very powerful, but was calmed by the element of water.

This lunar year is the Water Snake. The Snake is called little Dragon as it is the Dragon come to Earth, the stepping down of the cosmic energy into the body and physical world. This is a year, on this lunar frequency, of caution and alertness, go slowly and stay connected to your instincts. The flux state will continue but the energy is being stepped down by an increment. The effect is unpredictable, but the essence is that the polarities can still be held in an equilibrium (water), continue to step ahead with your new projects that are in resonance with the new era, but build steadily, be cautious, use some cunning, stay adaptive, modest, connected to your survival instinct, do not get fixated on outcomes, do not rely on financial prosperity, to reiterate rely on your instinct. Be in your power, quietly, in the body, this year is a slippery one so stay centred rather than being over confident.

Earth Rat year, 2008, was epitomized by the gambling greedy Rat and the most recent financial collapse which brought some realism in 2009 with the Earthy Ox and the realization that the financial system is based on empty promises. Metal Tiger of 2010 was the year of demanding truth, it was year of clashes in relationship and really pushed the world into polarity, government and the mainstream versus the people, it has not really let up since then but the issues really came to the fore in 2010.

The 2011 Metal Rabbit was a year of staying within ones mindset, being sociable within your ideological group, people compartmentalized into online tribes and into their social posse. 2012 was  a year of big statements and proclamations mirroring the enormous recalibration that was occurring to the Earth Energy field. Water Snake 2013 is a year full of illusions and illusions dissolving this is manageable if you stay on the ground and gently allow the old skin to shed, gradual transformation in accord with the conditions.

New Moon Today at 07.21 GMT or 3.21pm HK Time

The western Astrological system yields more information for me, with the New Moon, Conjunction of Sun and Moon in the 22nd degree of Aquarius and the Moon’s North Node exactly square the New Moon of the Chinese Year at the 22nd Degree of Scorpio. The Sabian Symbols are 22 Aquarius  a rug placed on the floor for children to play on, this speaks of creating a safe space where everything needed is at hand, and it is a temporary space, we have limited the space of exploration. The Node, Hunters starting out for Ducks, tells us that the challenge is to step forward with cunning, camouflage and alertness, to hunt for survival, to engage with the flow of life. So we are to leave the comfort zone of the rug but with a recognition of the changing terrain. In shamanic terms we are to stalk our power, opportunity and all that we need to survive and flourish rather than take things for granted.

The foundation though is the ability to create a space for ourselves, Own our time and space, set the parameters for our experience and consciously acknowledge what those parameters are, then consciously leave that space with the knowledge that we will keep re-entering into it.

Define your life based on the resources you actually have, do not get ahead of yourself then proceed with the instinct of the hunter and be prepared to act quickly at the right moment.

I will edit and update this with a little more soon....
The Mayan Day of Monkey 3 also tells us more about the coming Lunar Year, read about it on my 260 day count blog.Have a look at my daily Mayan Sacred Calendar blog here

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