Monday, 21 January 2013

Outside Looking In

When I was exploring past lives, mostly through journeys I experienced seeing all of my lives around me on a wheel, this was a connection to a much larger time frame. 

The Soul has a component that we can feel inside, mostly through the heart, that is involved and involving itself more and more with our consciousness development in this density of reality. The Higher Self is something we reach up to through the top of the head, way up, beyond this realm completely that is not involved in this time frame. The Higher Self is not directly involved with our life, but can be contacted for guidance. I believe that the glimpse of my lives all around me was a connection to the higher self. The higher self is in a much larger time frame existing as it were now, yet both in our archaic past and our far off future. The future in this density is therefore the mergence of us with our higher selves, which is not to say that the future in detail is all mapped out. 

It is impossible to rationalize this completely as we think of events as absolutes and therefore history as something that ''once done stays done '' (thanks to Daniel Clark for that phrase), whereas from a higher perspective time is mutable.

Each time frame does have a degree of autonomy, as does each stage of development. People live full lives in ordinary consensual reality, shaped by the cultural program for example. There are compartments, boundaries between domains that are not easy to fully traverse. Aspects of our consciousness can travel anywhere relatively easily, but these are fleeting or not embodied movements, only partial consciousness journeys.

Lost in Translation

When we tune into higher dimensions or larger time frames, which I repeat, we all can do very easily, so easily that we negate it, we experience an encounter with the extraordinary potentiality, realities that could come to pass. Prediction fails because this encounter though valid is of another time frame. In this time frame change is incremental, very slow really, until the ‘Black Swan’ event, the ‘unforeseeable’ shift. 

We can see that most aspects of the human experience are not so very different from thousands of years ago, we still eat, sleep, work, talk, exercise the body, make love, have children are subject to nature...the ground of culture has not changed, but we have more layers of experience that add refinements and more diversity into our lives. The world of today is extraordinary, but change is still slow in this time frame, until out of nowhere there is a collapse and shift of culture. No-one in any time frame can see it coming not exactly, not in an absolute detailed manner at a specific time. 

The Enchantments of Life is my attempt at finding the intersection between the unfolding incremental evolution in this time frame and the involutionary, descending energy from the soul into matter that creates the shifts of culture.

The map suggests that the centre of gravity of consciousness, our consensual centre is in the midst of what appears to be a long drawn out transition from Uranus Enchantment (media materialistic normal values) to  Neptune Enchantment (alternative values, sensitive, more egalitarian, more spiritualized perspective).

The Extreme Perspective is that we are close to a Planetary Ascension

Ascension is a jump from this density into another density and a larger time frame, people do that, they have done that I am sure. However in this time frame we as a species slowly evolving towards a new density in the future, along way of, probably, maybe. Space-time is curved, the arrow of evolutionary time, progression along space-time, yields a mutation of the physical form, culture, values, perspective, consciousness and therefore experience...eventually leading to an almost unrecognizable reality.

Through the internet we are being exposed to a huge divergence of perspectives from co-existing realities. People are plugging into different densities and therefore seeing a wild array of truths, each with their own internal logic. The question is how do they translate into the collective experience?

Reality is agreement, mostly inadvertent agreement, but it is ultimately democratic, so bearing this in mind what is the present social dialectic telling us. The essential message is that we need to change our values, get back in touch with our bodies, nature, our environment, have a fairer system, live more peacefully, or we will suffer a great destruction through a third world war. 

We can see that religious fundamentalism is still very strong, many people want Judgement Day, mad as it seems, they believe that through their adherence to a specific faith that they are chosen, they will be exclusively saved. We can also see that materialism is also flourishing, scientism though rocked by the internet is still prevailing in the consensual media led world. Yet we also we can recognize that there is a growing minority of people that do not see the world, do not experience the world, either through organized religion or materialism. 

This new understanding and exploration is one that is far more diverse, far more complex and yet retains a general centre of agreement. The general essence of that agreement is the newly emerging awareness of the reality of the  soul, the multiple dimensions of existence and the intelligence that is inherent within spirituality, that transcends rigid moral rules. The inherent intelligence of life and the evolutionary imperative and therefore within culture is that there is an ethic to progress. The ethics of Neo-Darwinism loosely translate to the survival of the fittest, this has been softened by recognizing that the winners better take care to some extent of the losers or the losers will become the new winners by killing them.  

The new ethic that is trying to emerge is based on the understanding that although competition is good, nature and society are and always have been basically co-operative, collaborative, humans do care. Our self interest evolves as we feel more connected to more of reality (through the evolution of our consciousness), we have an ethic that naturally embraces more people, more of existence within our own personally felt domain of experience.

This ethic goes hand in hand with a enormously expanded view of the nature of reality.

The minority alternative position is infecting all people. Even those in a hardcore religious or scientific position are being forced to discuss (accommodating into their framework or denying) such subjects as extra-terrestrials, UFOs, ancient civilizations, conspiracies, holistic healing, egalitarian values and the truth of consciousness.

Though unforeseeable in detail, there is a shift waiting to happen.

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