Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Transparency: Chiron into Pisces

If you have come to the Crow to read about the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit, scroll down to the previous blog.

Today, Chiron re-enters Pisces and I have been reminded of the empty moment.

Regardless of whether one is religious, new age, ‘spiritual’, a meditator, a mystic, a shaman, or has adopted a purely existential position, the joy of emptiness is apt to spontaneously arise -- most often in nature but not exclusively. Maybe after making love, or whilst lost in a focused activity. The feeling of freedom, of bliss, that comes from no resistance or mental machinations can descend on almost anyone of any psychological composition. Invariably though we will grab at it and put something on it, depending upon our personal filters, but it is in this open state that we experience the inherent goodness of existence.

What is it?
A common peak experience, a peek into a state that mostly transcends our life situation, our aspirations, our needs, our concerns and our life, is a connection to the ground, the fabric of existence, and it is unmistakably good. Life is not neutral; it is weighted on the side of that which is benevolent.

The experience transcends time and arrives as an infinitesimal moment, which we then instantly filter through the complexity of our feelings. Each level of complexity owns it, but with an increasing large contextual enclosure.

The Filters
The playful self of the inner child is enraptured with the magic of the experience and interacts with the locality, seeing fairies and cartoon depictions of that which is close at hand. The heroic self mythologizes the experience; the religious self grasps at it as salvation, the new age self idealizes it. The meditator can see it as the escape and deny the needs of self.

The existential mystic self (of Chiron Enchantment) is in awe of it, as the reflection of the whole planetary experience, localized to Earth and yet aware of the great beyond.

Whatever—no really, whatever way you colour it, which could mean you combine more than one facet of self—is good.

Chiron and Neptune in Pisces this year will increase this occurrence as numinous light punctures the tight weave of the drama unfolding in our society.

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