Thursday, 17 February 2011

On Your Horizon ...

… and out of the ocean of possibilities, exist the opportunities you are going to respond to.

If you live in Hong Kong and are in the midst of a life change, then I can help you with a series of consultations that will ensure you get the best out of your transformation.

If things are ending, then other things are seeking to be born.

An astrology consultation reveals the energies we are co-creatively working with.

My consultations and life change programs are effective for those who are looking to engage consciously with their own life, with the finesse of understanding the specific energies that are available to them. To be conscious means to be willing and able to respond and adapt, to truly adjust to the energies of the moment. This is the life skill of utilizing surrender and will, acceptance and action, receiving and intention. The importance of an intuitive, feeling-based focus has to be balanced with some creative direction, as well as with an acknowledgement of the Master Intention, the life purpose.

Some people believe their life is totally fated and they require fortune telling. Others rally against the idea of any kind of fate or restriction of their will; these people are mostly hypnotized by the paradigm of scientism and materialism—they do not visit astrologers.

Within the alternative community are those who wish to be told they are destined to fulfill their potential through internal processing alone. I have found that this is not true—intention and action plays a part and, more accurately, so does the ability to respond to and navigate the situation at hand. This also involves being as aware as possible of the multiple options encoded into the unfolding energy.

My consultations are highly interactive and help you become more conscious of your life purpose, to see the truth that resides within you, in amongst the noise of doubt, confusion, emotional issues and lack of confidence. I help you understand the higher reasons behind the challenging emotions and life conditions.

My intention is to empower you with more confidence in your intuitive sense and your intentional power.

Although the feedback I get from single-session clients is positive, a major change requires more than one session. My astrologically based consultations have the advantage of being able to accelerate healing and transformation.

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