Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Thoughtform of a Chicken comes before the Chicken or the Egg

“Hey Psychonauts. Next time you are catapulted into hyperspace, ride this monkey.”

If a person can create an eloquent theory—a story that seems reasonable—that person can gain the attention of others. In time, that theory starts to gain credence and eventually it can be agreed upon. As the idea is being pulled into the collective imagination through others investing their attention upon it—in effect, giving it emotional energy—it starts to gain density in this realm.

Then we might find that elements of the story start to be proven by some people in some places at some time. Miraculously, other people in other places at the same time get the same results. Well of course! They are all downloading from the collective sphere. Before you know it, you have proof … That’s science.

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