Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Lunatic Fringe

One of the fastest growing clubs in the world today is the lunatic fringe. Its members come from virtually every paradigm of thought. The clubs policy is one of open mindedness, full membership though requires an ability to present a perspective on your subject that challenges the authority of the status quo. Invariably successful members have worked on their hypothesis for several years, normally decades, cross referencing from many sources and combined with in field, hands on research.

The club does not attempt to completely evaluate the absolute validity of any works submitted; it merely creates a platform for those who have taken the trouble to outrage the experts.

The experts who are presented on the powerfully hypnotic platform of mainstream media work hand in hand with investigative journalists.

I once asked an investigative journalist-who had written a piece about the Davinci Code- how she came to her conclusions, with such conviction. Her conclusions were predictably dismissive on all fronts.
To her credit though she took the time to reply, she very helpfully sent me a quote from Wikipedia and she sent me the link to the Wikipedia page. (Wikipedia is great, but I suggest not as a final answer, relatively conventional)
Without having done a proper investigation into the myths behind the Davinci code, I am not in a position to speak with real authority on it. However my point is that there are very good reasons why the lunatic fringe club is growing and its telling us something profound about our world.

As the expert party line becomes more transparent—and truth appears more relative and obviously mythic—most people are at first angered, then confounded, confused, bemused and then somewhat sneering and aloof. The emotional journey of seeing behind the curtain of the dominant world mythology is enormous and even perilous. However what I suggest lies further along this journey of increasing transparency is one of acceptance on one hand and then awe and reverence for the creative and magical nature of life.

The world is gradually waking up to another level of truth, maybe not The Truth, the absolute truth, but the next level. The fa├žade of the worlds stage is looking a little battered we need to invest our attention and revamp our theatre, make it more beautiful and update the performance.

The world is theatre, an enchantment created by magical and creative means, its not so much conspiracy as inadvertent contracts. Who do we choose to believe? What story supports our reality? That’s the reality experience we sign up for.

Recognizing that we are choosing reality all the time, is an awareness of our awareness, it opens a door to wonder, creativity and opportunity. Life is a phenomenonal enactment.


  1. I’m off to the London Occulture event on the 23rd May. You see, even the date of the event was tied into 23 enigma (2+3 = 5 / May the fifth month of the year – geddit geddit?). There’s not been an Occulture since Brighton 2003 (2oo3 – see what they’re doing again there?), am I’m expecting a whole mix of stuff to be going on including Disinfo.com (publishers of Everything You Know is Wrong, and You Are Being Lied to, and The Book of Lies, amongst others) to be making an appearance with the premier of the `Towards 2012 Science or Superstition’ film. Pod casters, OutThereRadio (excellent pod cast if you’re into conspiracy, occult, paranormal, and other `out there’ subjects) are presenting Stooges of The Occult. And lots of other fun high magic tripped out wican weirdness, I’m sure.

    I guess that anyone who could possibly be interested in this sort of event must be well and truly part of the `Lunatic Fringe’. including me (hmm .. obviously)

    Here’s a few sites if anyone’s interested (they’re all also on MySpace – of course).


  2. Thanks Neil, yes the occulture is a paradigm buster, I really hope you can write a report for reality activists on your day there.

  3. Hey Neil,

    I think your link should be up here and also on reality activists

  4. http://www.myspace.com/214307214...here it is