Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Your Soveriegnty

So we are to free ourselves from the thought police, the enslaved guilty mind the socially engineered overly politically correct  Orwellian entity that has been released into the environment. This thoughtform is trying to become the global authority, using LGBT, white privilege, the environment etc as triggers to close your system down.. If you watch the videos on The Standford Prison Experiment, the Asch Conformity Experiment or the Milligram Experiment (and others available online) you will understand how the social engineers think. Watch the Century of the Self on public relations and you will see how social engineering is so easy.

The solution is free thinking, spiritual connection, self acceptance, non compliance with punitive based collective pressure and to remind yourself of the beauty of life. Cleanse the world by getting off it. So many people are feeling despair and the cure for the world is for you to find your own little pocket of joy or tranquility.

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