Friday, 1 April 2016

Atlantis is Here Now

Atlantis is a powerful and ubiquitous thought-form.

Everyone has heard of Atlantis and the word is used all the time in all manner of cultural endeavours and expressions.

Atlantis exists as a dream-like-idea in our social environment, surrounding us and yet slightly veiled by a subconscious collective fear to face it. We are moving into resonance with Atlantis and although many adults believe Atlantis to be a made up story I contend that the evidence is mounting at this time for its existence. Atlantis is gradually appearing from the fog.

The combined picture we get from the new revelations and inspirations from geology, archaeo-astronomy, archaeology, palaeontology,  global mythology, genetics, astronomy, fiction and the awakened collective intuitive understanding of Atlantis, in my estimation, shows compelling evidence for its existence. 

This revelation is telling us that we are in danger of repeating the same mistakes.
What mistakes?

A large minority of people can answer that question intuitively and have a very similar answer.
The answer will go something like this…

The mistake of the Atlantean’s was in their arrogance and their wilful focus on technology, warfare and materialism. This mistake directly and possibly indirectly led to a global cataclysm. They forgot their divinity, they disregarded the Earth and nature and were led by the idea that they could act as gods.

We stand at a crossroads and there is a potential for a glorious new age of planetary civilization that utilizes its technology as a tool under the command of a planetary conscious population. The key word as any many already know is consciousness, our consciousness is the problem and the solution. Quite simply human consciousness has to evolve.

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