Sunday, 7 February 2016

Chinese New Year, What Has it Got to do with You?

Carl Sagan -- you contributed to society in so many ways, so with respect I would say, Carl, that you and the Obstetrician were not in a vacuum. Just because you cannot see energies, does not mean they do not affect you... as you well know.

The annual Chinese 12-Animal System is an idealized 12-year cycle linked to the Jupiter orbit, combined with 5 elements to make a 60-year cycle, which also suggests that there is a correspondence with the Saturn cycle. The 5 elements correspond with the 5 qualities of the 5 directions (east, south, centre, north and west) and the five corresponding planetary qualities of Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury.
I would suggest that the Chinese Animal Year is the public mood or emotional flavour of people within the social context, and in accord with a well-ordered society. 

The Chinese Zodiac years do not describe everything, rather they pinpoint a specific frequency. Established in the Han dynasty with a philosophy of Confucianism and encoded with a structure of ethical boundaries for human behaviour, it is an overlay onto natural cycles.

The Relevance of Artificial Constructs

We all live within an environment of consciousness to which we contribute with our own consciousness.

All activity and manifestation is generated from consciousness.

The word 'environment' means all that surrounds us. So, in the first instance, we think of space, but space does not exist without time, which is motion.

What is time? Time is motion -- the motion of Earth in relationship to the local planetary bodies, the Sun and the stars, as well as Earth’s rotation on its own axis. Time is a fundamental consideration when it comes to understanding the environment, which most definitely includes the environmental situation in which we are living today. 

The social calendars are a projection from natural motion and are idealized constructs. So we might consider that, being artificial, they are meaningless. However, this is not so. Our social calendars gain credence through the longevity of being adhered to, which creates structures within the space–time field of Earth.

The human energy that is generated from observing and even quietly acknowledging a calendar's existence feeds it with the energy of thought and emotion. The different ways we measure time add layers of structure within the consciousness–space–time field in which we walk around and have our being within. 

Even within the materialistic perspective, the mere psychological and sociological  influence of a calendar system cannot be denied.

However, my proposition is that the symbiotic relationship between plasma (which fills the ocean of space) and the electro-magnetic energies is a bridge between consciousness and matter.

The motion of planetary bodies, as well as all human activity—especially that based on sustained habitual patterns—are directly interlinked within the planetary energy field in which we have our being. The connection is a two-way feedback system, with the larger context of cosmic forces having more power.

But we are not just shaped by the planetary and cosmic motion. Rather, we are also translating and interpreting the energy generated by cosmic motion.

The calendars, such as the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, are translations. The Chinese Zodiac is one of several filters that affect how we process cosmic energies.

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