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Pluto and Developmental Theory (For Garrick)


The archetypal quality of Pluto is that of transformation, it is a force firstly felt unconsciously and therefore perceived as external events that force radical change. Pluto's discovery era coincides with the progress of depth psychology (and a lot more besides). Most notably starting with Freud, whose pioneering work rubber stamped the fact that we do have an unconscious. He peered into the subconscious and unconscious of his subjects and ascertained that human beings had primal drives based on survival and the complex relationships we have with our parents.

The understanding of the quality of Pluto progresses through the work of his proteges, including Jung, who recognized that the personal unconscious is allied to the archetype rich collective unconscious, that directly plugs into the archaic mythological reservoir.

Freud's office complete with occulture and statues of the old gods

Freud's nepthew Edward Bernays who was an opportunist, saw that his uncles results could be utilized to engineer society for commercial purposes. Bernays is considered the father of public relations. There is a fabulous BBC documentary, called the Century of the Self, which is four hours long, but well worth your time as it gives a key insight into social development throughout the 20th century.

He realized that propaganda had negative connotation he so he just changed the name to public relations

You can watch all four hours, 4 parts, on Vimeo, here is a link it is fascinating!

Here is a very quick snippet

Other schools of psychology emerged apart from the Freudian and Jungian, where instead of focusing upon the internal workings of the individual they focused on the external view of behaviour. At first the two approaches seem to be in conflict until you recognize the stages of development described are the same but from two different perspectives. Cognitive Psychology, is somewhat akin to treating people to computers, it provides useful insights, but strips the soul of psychology. In today's thinking psychology is the study of the mind. Mainstream Psychiatry takes it a step further and just looks at the body, the chemistry (not even includes the bio-electricity, more on that in the third part)

The Lab Rat approach to Psychology image from

Pluto is the individual unconscious that connects down into the collective unconscious, the last 100 years has seen a gradual awakening within a minority, whereby the collective unconscious is becoming the collective consciousness.

Pluto is the evolutionary life force impulse to psychologically die and be reborn, through a serious of definable stages.
This is my original research, I have done extensive research and can provide a detailed analysis on this, but here it is in simplified form, to enable a quick grasp of the basics of The Enchantment Development Process.

The Sun the source, The Soul is at home
Mercury the intention to incarnate, the parents intention to have a baby
Venus Major Involution, conception, the soul begins it's jouney 'downwards'. The seduction of the soul into the body, as it traverses the astral plasma in a 'cosmic experience'.

The Fontinelle is open at birth and the posterior Fontinelle closes approximately 1-2 months of age, The Moon Enchantment, then the anterior Fontinella closes around 9-18 months of age, the emergence of Mars, as the soul owns the body

Earth Enchantment: The Birth process (a complex development in its own right as we enter fully into the Earth Realm) and the New Born Baby, instinctive and yet also innocently connected to spiritual pathway down into the body, both Base chakra and Crown chakra operating. Standard psychology focus only on the instinctive aspect of a new born baby, ie the base.

Moon Enchantment; 3-4 month baby, in the magical stage, involution continues as the descension moves from Crown to Pineal. Psychic transmission between Mum and Baby is very strong.
Mars Enchantment; A toddler, now truly in the body and at the impulsive stage, the primal ego! Involutionary current descends to the Throat Chakra and language truly begins, rather than symbolic sounds, which the connected Mother can decode.

Ceres Enchantment; 4-5 years old the playful and co-operative, community stage as they start to relate. Symbolic intelligence development surges forward. Up to the stage all of the enchantments are ruled by the Goddess, the feminine principle. Even the mars awakening, takes place within the context of power being held by the feminine principle.

Jupiter Enchantment; The 10 year old the emergence of the heroic, mythic stage of rapid growth and ego development. Jupiter's orbit is 11.6 years and has a correspondence with puberty. Everything is switched on, the ability to reason, mythic intelligence, sexual desire and personal aspiration to impress oneself upon the world. The mind is expansive, there is the ability to lie convincingly now. The Masculine principle surges forward.
Saturn Enchantment: 14-15 the more obvious emergence of serious study, discipline and the rebellion against that. The first quarter of Saturn's cycle around 7 years of age, sees the first emergence of Saturn frequency as a background energy, mathematical logic and linear logic starts to form. However at seven, the child is emotionally centred around Ceres Enchantment with Jupiter Enchantment becoming evident. So here we can see how the frequencies overlap, but the emotional centre of gravity, the dominant reality experience, moves at one stage at a time. As Saturn gets stronger, symbolic intelligence is temporarily repressed for the sake of ego development.

The Enchantments of Life is a developmental model, which shows that human development both individually and collectively takes place by stages that build upon each other.
Each stage of childhood is a fuzzy fractal of the earlier stages of cultural development through human evolution. 

The model therefore covers human evolution, history, culture and the basic structure of how an individual will progress through life, starting before birth and after birth, through childhood and throughout all areas of maturity. Within that structure we will find a vast array of unique characteristics and expressions. However each stage has an essential contextual script, perception and response pattern.  All the different types of personality, different cultures and both genders express themselves within the basic framework of these stages. This makes the model contentious as it can make people feel that their gifts and own unique life experience is invalidated through a collective structure, however with a deep understanding of the model, you will find this is not true.

The model also describes the expansion of consciousness and the approach to spiritual development. As such the developmental view is an innovation of understanding for consciousness, evolution, culture and spirituality.

 Developmental theory itself starts to emerge in psychology in around 1930s in a rudimentary form. Jean Piaget was one of the earliest developmentalists, who focused on childhood development, in what seems very limited today, but none the less was pioneering work in its time and is only now being challenged and refined in academia. He used the idea of the child as a little scientist to show cognitive development, obviously just one way of looking at the same stages.

A more comprehensive view started to emerge within the work of Jean Gebser from around 1943, his work took a more integrated view of the individual and culture.  He described 5 stages of development that corresponds to both individual and species evolutionary development.
  1. The archaic structure
  2. The magic structure
  3. The mythical structure
  4. The mental structure
  5. The integral structure

During the 1950s many notable psychologists recognized the stage by stage nature of the human psyche. Dr Clare Graves through prolonged and careful empirical testing produced a model, that although it did not validate spiritual consciousness particularly, it covered a wide spectrum of human behaviour, response patterns, coping mechanisms and choices. Dr Graves started to recognize that all schools of psychology could be described within the developmental view. He worked closely with the more famous Abraham Maslow and it is fair to say they both influenced each other.

Clare Graves continued to refine his theory throughout his life and received some attention through an article he published in 1974, in The Futurist magazine. However his work remained fringe and even to this day, the radical approach to human understanding is not been brought into advanced education.

Spiral Dynamics emerged from his studies, from two of his students. There are two approaches, here is one and here is the other

Starting from 1977 Ken Wilber started to progress a development model that incorporated spirituality, his work gradually increased in popularity, throughout the  eighties and the nineties, still as a niche area of understanding. Ken Wilber created the platform of an integrated developmental model that most people refer to, seek to refine and change in certain places. His work can be seen as an audacious attempt to map reality and he looked to incorporate the work of all developmentalists.

Even though there is a lot of areas of cutting edge interest that people have in the 21st century that are not adequately understood by him in my estimation, his work can be seen as a valuable, essential contribution to human understanding. I am a fan, even though there are many levels of disagreement as he does not truly question many of the mainstream assumptions.
Here is Ken speaking and introducing Integral Development

Both Spiral Dynamics and Ken Wilber reached a wider audience in the new millenium, partly thanks to What Is Enlightenment Magazine. Here isthe WIE article on Spiral Dynamics that was published in 2002.

Many other developmentalists have produced breakthroughs that are unique to them, and I do not have space in this introduction to cover them, but there are some video links below.

My own model emerged from researching the discovery of planets and how it was synchronous with new artefacts in all areas of human life. Mainstream Neo-Jungian astrology fleetingly explores this issue but as it is mostly centred on the individual it has not as yet produced a deep understanding of the holographic connection between the individual and the collective. No disrespect or invalidation is meant by this remark, as the Neo Jungian approach as tremendous value in this age for understanding who we are as individuals. 

It was the planetary bodies of Pluto and Chiron that evoked my awareness of different levels within the psyche. It was not until I started to read Ken Wilber though that I understood what it was that my astrological research was presenting to me. The Spiral Dynamics article in WIE, confirmed, for me the correlation between the planets, their discovery, the emergence of new stages of development and their core psychological traits. Spiral Dynamics built upon Clare Graves work, has not adequately researched childhood development so I have found some holes in the theory. Again no disrespect to this pioneering work is meant.

The planets can been seen as frequency fields that are switched on, and therefore added to the tapestry of frequencies of consciousness within the planetary field with their discovery.
Each frequency is translated by the individual through their emotional centre of gravity, their stage of development, which can also be seen as an frequency field that enchants the individual.  
There are some introductory pages of the Enchantments of Life on my website.

As an example Pluto is translated through the Uranus centred individual, who identifies themselves as a rationalist and whose central perspective is honed through an interest in mainstream science as an understanding of physical or material systems such as Chaos Theory.  Here is a quick overview 

Even though all consciousness is reduced to a by-product of the brain the understanding of complex physical systems is still ahead of the common cultural paradigm and it naturally leads into a re-evaluation of the nature and involvement of consciousness in living systems. 

James Lovelocks Gaia Hypothesus from the 1970s is a case in point (although here we see  the influence of the Chiron Frequency through the Uranus Enchantment emotional centre of gravity)  and mainstream science is uneasy with the implications of Gaia theory, for it suggests to many that the planet is a living being.

The emergence of the developmental approach, is tied to the emergence of the Pluto frequency with the discovery of the planet Pluto. The conjunction of Chiron and Pluto in 1942, seems to seed new understanding that first started to blossom in pioneering psychologists the 1950sand the same conjunction at the end of 1999 synchs in with another surge forward in acceptance of integral developmental maps. As Pluto moves into an opposition in 2016 with its discovery degree from 1930, we can expect another step forward in consciousness that will enable more people to grasp the extraordinary truth that is being presented through this work. However, it is likely to still remain way outside of consensual reality, mainstream academia and science.

As Above, So Below, aka the Holographic Principle
Pluto expresses the primary force of fundamental change in individuals and within the collective. Pluto as a planet is the leader of the pack of Kuiper Belt Objects. Pluto was the first Kuiper Belt object discovered and is now just recently recognized as a complex system within its own right, it has several moons and is now seen to be ‘alive’ rather than a dead icy rock.

Once we are emotionally centred or operating to some degree on the Pluto frequency we are conscious of the evolutionary force of change that emerges from the holographic energy of our whole species and becomes the unconscious will within us. In other words the collective unconscious starts to become the collective consciousness as more and more individuals develop this awareness. The internet is a training tool for collective consciousness as almost every human endeavour, opinion and interest is available. This process of course is tied to internet availability, or saturation, which presently stands at 45% of the 7.38 Billion humans of planet Earth.

Once we are awakening to the Pluto frequency in its own right, ie not translating through an earlier level of development, then we are able to feel the structured levels of our own psyche, which is an artefact of our species evolution. The human paradox becomes increasingly apparent. A cognitive connection to this level produces an understanding of systems, but it is possible to fully connect to the veracity of vitality, aliveness and consciousness of these systems until we have developed the prior stage of Neptune Enchantment, which is a spiritual re-awakening. The Neptune Enchantment opens the door to what is called the alternative field, the fringe interests and includes a receptivity to be able to explore previously ridiculed interests (within mainstream/Uranus Enchantment) such as UFOlogy and other expansive subjects.

Estimates of the number of people who are centred at the Pluto frequency are somewhere in the range of 0.5-2 per cent of the adult population. 

The Neptune Enchantment, the earlier stage is populated by something approaching 10 per cent, more likely about 8 per cent, but this is close to a tipping point for the whole of human society, but it can still take a couple (?) of decades, before we will see the shift to a more collaborative and compassionate society.

The Transition, notes…
Led by the Internet Revolution, caused by a change in the planetary energy field connected to the 2012 effect. The infusion of higher energy, consciousness/cosmic plasma and radiation is disrupting the equilibrium of the environment. This affects our energy flow and emotional equilibrium. Social flux. The dramatic changes in nature are largely affected by the incoming highly charged electro-magnetic radiation and the continuing growth of pollution.

Primary Shift on the Global Stage from Uranus Enchantment to Neptune Enchantment… over the next two decades (?) the timing cannot be absolutely defined…

As a reminder of the basic differences between the two frequencies here is a stream of key words, not all people express all of this…Today people are becoming more complex in this transition as they express elements from both earlier and later levels.

1980s phone, very visible!

Uranus Frequency manifests as, material expression, corporate individualism, the fashionista, yuppy, celebrity culture, the media spotlight, the growth and power of the City, scientism, Fiat banking, the new motor car, the need for oil, keeping up with latest tech gadgets, winners and losers market, designer food, taste sensations, the gym, looking ‘fit’, protein for muscles, skyrocketing house prices as houses have become primarily investments (creating a block to the currency, ie the flow of money). Personal interest in status, financial growth, breaking scientific discoveries as shown by media, style, keeping up and being part of the winning crowd, staying relevant to the youth and beauty or money and coolness market, the corporate music scene, corporate art, cool restaurants, sharp clean interiors, pristine d├ęcor, contemporary spaces, packaging...

Neptune Frequency manifests as diversity, healing, increased sensitivity and empathy, political correctness, desire to express inner self, to realize the true self, need to find belonging with groups of people who have woken up, communal, consensual , group activity or highly individualistic expression that comes from within, re-awakening and refreshed expression of spirituality, environmentalism, vegetarianism, food activism, interests range from all healing modalities, occult, astrology, eastern arts, yoga, Tai Chi and meditation, UFOlogy, conspiracy, fair trade, indigenous rights, shamanism, nature connection, funky green festivals, psychedelics, ayahuasca, diverse music, art, fashion, tatoos, large spectrum of colour, sound, art, expression, consciousness, the need to live all of it and to have a connection to all of it…

The difference and this is important to realize is that it includes a hug expansion of the psychological landscape, diversity and richness of experience. 

The transition stages between Uranus and Neptune

Exiting Uranus Enchantment starts with a need for lifestyle quality, organic food, yoga for the body life enhancing businesses, beautiful spas, holistic luxury, corporate social responsibility idealism and most of all positive thinking!

Next entering Neptune, organic food idealism and activism in general, recognizing despite the will to be positive one is still fucked up,  facing the inner turmoil, whilst also seeing that despite calls for sustainability and corporate responsibility, the underlying corruption and system s weighted towards corporate monopoly ie its all fucked up!

The above paragraphs are of course far from extensive, however they highlight a fundamental flaw in other developmental and Integral approaches. It seems the Integral Community is very slow at seeing, accepting the error in the system. Ken and Don for example seem to go out of there way to deny, are oblivious or do not want to look at the fact that the mainstream system (science/economics/politics/environmental debate) is decaying and outmoded.

Nature is abundant and the mainstream system is running towards scarcity, whereas the solution is diversity and free flow of energy and ideas.
Take modern farming for example. Nature yields, it just keeps yielding but not every crop every year, hence the need for diversity. The modern approach is to napalm a hundred acres, plant frankenstein corn and farm the fuck out of it, kill everything that gets in the way of the mono cash crop, so that all we have to eat it cardboard tasting tortillas with a soya bean and canola oil dip.

The way forward is towards smaller gardening/farming on the new turn of the spiral, Neptune Enchantment will bring this in. Anyway, the transition...

Furthermore to bring into the mix of this transition, we have to consider


1.The shift from Saturn Enchantment to Uranus Enchantment in China, India and much of Asia

2. The decay of Uranus means that many Uranus Enchanted people have retreated and are trying to maintain life into the Saturn/Uranus crossover zone, more rigid defences and yet more conventional social conscience and consideration. The secular morality code.

3. The growing internet, taking energy (gradually?) away from national identity and national focus towards a more global consideration and exposure to diversity on all fronts.

4. The present attention deficit because of the information overload and emotional overwhelm awakening a deeper inquiry that flip flops from openness to defence. Insecurity due to political tension and fear of war and economic meltdown, environmental fears. Rage due to corruption and political madness and heavy hand autocratic dispensations and the corresponding increasing wealth of a very small minority. Not wanting to look at anything if the money is there, ie some perceived corporate job security.

A compelling drama, extolling the Jupiter meme, 'Winner takes all', where cunning strategies and alliances are forged between different houses/clans living by the Machiavellian ideal that the means justifies the ends, which is also the thinking in all secret agencies

5. Increasing power of Jupiter Enchantment, ie Oligarchs and cabals etc. In entertainment, the glamorization of sociopathic killer heroes and/or emotionally blocked autistic-genius detectives, the computer mind hero, (such as Sherlock) The dramatization of mafia-house wars in such things as Game of Thrones, all glorifying the righteous kill. The imperial force of dark or light as our saviour, imperial thinking. 

6. Increasing exposure to conspiracy due to whistleblowers, the disillusionment with power. Helplessness, depression, anger and frustration or apathy.

7 Wide world activism that is actually making some difference and is giving people hope, furthermore bringing together people of differing beliefs, ideals and levels of consciousness against the forces of totalarianism.

8. An awakening to more complex understanding as a minority of people move more into a systemic understanding of the situation, but without easy or instant solutions.

 Quick History. A frequency overview, stripped of data.

 Art Deco expressed the Uranus Enchantment as it came to Dominate the social environment

The Uranus Frequency, starts to appear as early as the 1650s, but is not really emerging in its own right until the discovery of the planet in 1781. However it is not until 1920-1930, with the discovery of Pluto that Uranus Enchantment becomes the dominant Enchantment, most obviously visible in 1950s America, as the leading global culture of consciousness. Uranus Enchantment peaks around 1984 with the manifestation of the Yuppy and the dominance of Corporate Culture and Corporate Media.

The Uranus Enchantment plateaus until 9-11, the destruction of the Twin Trade Towers is the event that heralds the decay of the Uranus Enchantment.

Back tracking Saturn Enchantment dominates the 16th and 17th century as Protestantism gains ground, starting with Luther in 1517 and the quasi-separation of morality from God, a semi-secularized morality.

Luther nails his thesis to the church door

As we enter into the 1890s we see an extraordinary transition period, where Saturn is rapidly decaying and Uranus is rapidly beginning to emerge as the leading Enchantment, but not enough to dominate, so we see Neptune Enchantment is present as a contributor and there is a great potentiality seeded for the far off future. Think Tesla and Jules Vernes, as obvious examples.

Art Noveau the lead up to and peaking in 1890s, note the Earth Goddess themes, flowing curling organic lines as compared to the sharp angular lines of Art Deco and the rise of Uranus as dominant Enchantment in 1920s-1930s

Neptune Enchantment start to emerge in rudimentary form well before its true inception with planetary discovery in 1846, is expressed strongly as the counter culture 1965-1968, amongst an elite of alternative hippy academics and personal explorers. The Frequency is expressed wore widely during the 1990s with the New Age. Also in the 90s a large number of cultural-creative’s emerge who straddle the exit and entry points between Uranus and Neptune and this growing minority of people choose lifestyle over status By 2009-10, Neptune is growing strong through the internet with online social media, creating an underlying diversity and exposure/viral infection from a larger more diverse landscape that is emerging.


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