Tuesday, 2 July 2013

2012, Oh Nothing Happened? Think Again!

What Just Happened? What is Happening? 

A quick update from me.

If you are active on the internet and exploring some of the alternative media you will be aware of the strange and wild times we are living in. Luckily we seem to have some protection or holding apparatus that is inhibiting a total disaster.  I suspect that the holding pattern is because that there are enough people with a consciousness at a beneficial frequency, literally saving the world.

The Earth’s weather and energy field is fluctuating, apart from unseasonal and out of place weather, strange sounds being heard all over the world, odd behaviour in various kingdoms of nature, continuing increases in earthquake and volcanic activity, human anomalies and incredible geo-political tensions and... behind the scenes power struggles, we are also seeing extreme visions, imaginations, explorations of ideas, scientific theories, metaphysical theories that seem to radiate out in all directions of potentiality...to the point that the truth of reality is dissolving. 

The many perspectives include a diverse range of contradictory yet equally compelling propositions, theories and stories some of which are based on convincing eye witness testimonies. Although the mainstream is vigorously defending (its reality) what must now be seen as an illusion, the mass of humanity is entering into a relativist position. Which is to say that most people are at least subconsciously aware that these are mysterious times and nobody really seems to be sure what is happening. Governments and those who steer the media are deceiving us and quite probably do not really know themselves, but they must pretend to be absolutely in control. Which paradoxically  does help maintain social order.

I also believe that at the highest levels of the covert cabals that operate through conspiracy they are also struggling to see the big picture, but are aware of the fecundity of these times. This is a period of profound opportunity for long term transformation.

The Mayan Long Count Calendar measures the Earth’s relationship with the Galaxy, approximately just under 26,000 years. The 2012 era (centred around 1980-2016) represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another cycle in that relationship. The 2012 era date can be described astrologically as the conjunction with the northern hemisphere winter solstice Sun with the galactic plane.

It is therefore similar to a new moon but on an altogether larger scale of reality. The 2012 end date is a seed point in Earth’s energy field. Specifically the interface zone of the Earth’s energy field, the place or frequency where Earth engages with the Cosmos. This realm is the cosmic portal in Earth’s energy field, I call it the omni-directional gateway. The omni-directional gateway is where we encounter the time/space fabric of our reality, the contextual frequencies that shape our experience of life. The omni-directional gateway is a place of potentiality where me meet different timelines, different potential futures, therefore different choices to the very nature of reality itself. So we are being seeded with multiple realities, not all of these seeds will germinate.

The net result is that the Earth has received a high energy influx from the cosmos and its energy field is being recalibrated, at present we are seeing the dissolute flux state of the Earth’s energy, its environment, electro-magnetics and weather. The flux state is being held within a certain polarity, this polarity is defined by the totality of human consciousness. We are living at a time where we are collectively making a choice to how our evolution will unfold over the millennia to come, it is a crucial turning point, one that perhaps will not be obvious to the majority of humans for decades to come. 

The omni-directional gateway is cosmic door, which is where extra-terrestrials, elemental spirits and other dimensional beings enter into our reality, they come from all manner of timelines and they are attempting to anchor themselves and their reality, their projection for our species, in our world. The diversity of species and beings is vast and they can only enter into this reality, this point in space and this point in time, if there is an energetic resonance strong enough for them to do so. The more we create disconnected technological advancement and fuel war mentality the more we are inviting the darker potentials to enter and take over. The more we connect to our spiritual nature, recognize our divinity and move towards our humanity the more able the benevolently orientated species are able to involve themselves in our theatre.

The Mayan Calendar describes the most pertinent astrological truth, the 2012 question seems irrelevant to most people who are easily distracted by the unfolding trends of momentary novelty without considering the context of the larger period of time that contextualize the present events that we are witnessing.

I am presently writing a couple of books in tandem after completing and releasing my 2012 book last spring and this position that I state above, keeps on resurfacing  as I research and develop my Integral and Developmental Map of Human consciousness and how it evolves.  The information overload is making it very difficult for people to concentrate long enough to be able to get a sense of how the different areas of human endeavour are actually taking place within the Earth. Yes that is right, there is an easily definable unification of all this madness. 

The planetary scale of reality encompasses all that we are seeing. If we want to understand the different components, we have to start with recognizing the totality of Earth as a living system. Systemic awareness is more than the sum of the parts, we cannot try to bolt together one truth to another in order to see the whole, we must start with the whole in order to see the parts and the relationship between the parts.

I am presently in the process of laying this all out in a way that explains it thoroughly.


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