Monday, 21 May 2012

The High Energy Influx in the 2012 Era creating open portals, as we are flooded by interstellar plasma due to the mechanics of torsion physics
Since the year 2000 everywhere you look in pop culture (increasingly) you see Occult symbolism whilst the official mainstream becomes increasingly ruled by scientism.
After watching The Avengers yesterday I am reminded by the fact that it is the wormhole/stargate that brings together mainstream science theory, cutting edge alternative physics, magic, the occult and consciousness. The powerful message we find encoded in our entertainment is that portals, wormhole, gateways, black-white holes are opening, opening now in the Earth’s energy field. It is not viscerally obvious in our manifest world because of the filters of the collective psyche that protects society from full invasion, whether that invasion is aliens or spirits or the invasion of the senses by the overwhelming kaleidoscope of the psychotropic reality. The filters are the Enchantments of Life. 
The wall of linear thought, rationalism, history and fixed rules (Saturn Enchantment) is eroding within the collective is GAME ON...reality is being renegotiated.

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