Sunday, 23 January 2011

Astrological update

Jupiter has now moved into Aries, as of 22 January 2011, an ingress that supports vision and leadership.

The pioneering and innovative spirit of humankind will be activated when Uranus moves into Aries on 12 March this year.

By summer 2012, Uranus will be in an exact 90-degree square with Pluto in Capricorn—this relationship between these two planets stays in operation until 2015. During this period, the pioneering spirit will be in confrontation with the totalitarian element, both within the individual human psyche and, more obviously, within the political leadership.

The innovators would go too far, too fast. The controllers would have human society regress and give up the gains of free expression. The result of this configuration will be a creative conflict where fundamental new awakenings will arise within human society.

We will see profound, large-scale structural changes within most social systems over the next decade.

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