Saturday, 22 May 2010

Life Changing Vortex

I have been immersed in writing; the Muses have descended upon me, jumping on my back, whispering and shouting in my ears, while trickster spirits are invading my many hypnagogic moments. The astral spirits, the inorganic beings, have not visited me for ages, but as soon as I started re-tuning into the Castaneda realms, the lucid dreams with weird and wonderful beings have started again.

My focus has been to boil down the data stream and data bank of my research into the essential message for my new website launch later this year. What has happened is that 'the book' has suddenly emerged. I am not wanting to do much else but write and visualize my book and play with the Muses. They will not go away anyway, so if you cannot beat them, join them. I have decided to share some of my process with you and will be posting excerpts on this blog.

I am beginning a rite of passage, with big changes of my energy, as Chiron went into Pisces. Overwhelm, disconnection, existentialism, detachment, disdain and extremes of deep connection where it all suddenly falls into place. The energy body is really sensitive, without me being in a pure space. I am riding the shamanic wave again, which is so out of tune with Hong Kong. I mean, I really love it here on Lamma, but Hong Kong is so, well, just not soulful. I feel more global than ever, yet totally Lamma in a private family, go sit in the hills overlooking the islands kind of way. I could say I feel like a part of me is a fine mist emanating over the world, invisible and insignificant, yet somehow relevant to ... well, something. Looks pretentious on screen as I read it, but its pretty evocative of my experiences of late. Overall I am feeling a new sense of connection. Jeez, what a trip.

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  1. Will look forward to reading about it... something Cosmic is going on in my world as well!

  2. Synchronicity is becoming the rule and not the exception... and sometimes I feel downright invisible.

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