Friday, 24 April 2009

History: It ain’t what it used to be

Let us shake off some of the dust around the subject of the past and look at how exciting the issue of history really is.

History, the past, is the hottest of potatoes.

Our history and our understanding of the past is directly related to our intimate life, our social life and our sense of being in the present. Our history—that’s your history, which includes your understanding of the Earth’s past and humanity’s past, whether you have done much study or not—is a living presence in your life now, shaping your moods, your choices and your interactions. You hold a personal history as well as your own version of the collective history in your subconscious and unconscious.

History is emotional. In fact, our emotions are our history.

There is a direct relationship between your emotional issues and the emotional issues of society. Far more than it is run on technology, logic or practicality, the world is run to a greater extent on emotion, which, with deeper understanding, we can realize is the substrate of the past; the living mythology or mythologies that permeate everything in our lives.

I have been actively exploring the ancient past for decades, not just with masses of reading but through psychic means, past life journeys, shamanic journeys and spontaneous ‘not-of-this-life’ memories.

What I have experienced can be summarized as, “History is a substance”. The past is a substance because time is a substance.

We are not used to thinking about the past as a substance. Einstein recognized time and space as one 4-dimensional substance that was curved. Physicists today are comfortable with thinking about time–space qualities, but generally not so comfortable with the implications of those qualities—the subtext being that somehow time and matter are different and separate from history.

The past is time that flows behind us and time is a ‘thing’. It is not solid like a 3-dimensional brick; time is a 4-dimensional thing and 4-dimensional things appear fluid in the material sense.

History is changing. Change history and you change the potentials of the future. Change your potentials and you change your life experience right now.

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